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21 Midwives Graduated in Samangan

In a graduation ceremony, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) certified 21 new midwifes on successful completion of two years midwifery education in Samangan. New medwives took oath of loyalty to midwifery profession and providing qualitative and equal health facilities to

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High school, resource centers and a staff quarter constructed in Samangan

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) completed construction of a high school building, two resource centers and a staff quarter in a health clinic in the northern Samangan province. These four projects will benefit hundreds of students and a vast number

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2.9 million Patients treated by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in 2012

The future of Afghanistan is difficult to assess. But there is also precautious optimism. When 2012 is summarized in the annual report of theSwedishCommittee for Afghanistan, we can conclude thatdevelopment cooperation efforts make a significant difference for a very vulnerable

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Polling stations should be accessible for persons with disabilities: Afghan civil societies

Civil societies working for the rights and rehabilitation of Afghans with disabilities recommended the independent election commission to provide necessary facilities for the people with disabilities in the polling stations. They also recommended that the polling stations should be accessible

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SCA female teachers leave for training in Pakistan

A number of 16 female teachers and consultants of community based and model schools left for Karachi, Pakistan Tuesday, 19 February on a ten-day professional training and study visits to similar schools. Education programme of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan selected

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Graduation of disabled people from vocational training

Upon completion of nearly a year-long vocational training, more than 500 people with disabilities (PwDs) including 211 females graduated from Swedish Committee for Afghanistan vocational training program, providing them an opportunity of self-employment to feed their families with honor and

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Swedish Committee for Afghanistan to continue their assistance for decades

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) pledged to assist Afghanistan in social development, concentrating on education, health, rural development and the disabled community, for more than three decades. The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) is working in Afghanistan since 1982.

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