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US congress unviels USD 1.1tn spending bill

US congress negotiators have agreed on a USD 1.1tn spending bill ahead of a looming Thursday evening deadline. The decision was aimed to avoid a government shutdown at midnight on Thursday and fund the federal government until September 2015. “This

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Obama asks for USD 58.6bn for war in Afghanistan

In a letter to the House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner, US President Barack Obama asked for USD 58.6bn for the war in Afghanistan. The amount is the smallest Pentagon war-funding request in a decade. The White House sent Congress

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US Congress agrees on a deal of over USD 6 billion for Afghan forces

A compromise measure totaling USD 632.8 billion was reached on by the Senate members of the Armed Services Committee and the House Armed Services Committee of the US congress. The deal on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2014

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Why Fiscal Cliff Deal Fails To Neutralize Debt Ceiling Hostage

What is Fiscal Cliff Deal? The term fiscal cliff has been used at various occasions in the past to refer to fiscal issues. It is already known to the public that Congress created the fiscal mess that it is currently squabbling over. Furthermore, it is quite surprising to see it

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State of the Union: Obama pledges to reignite economy

President Barack Obama has urged Congress to back government action to revive the sluggish US economy, in his annual State of the Union speech. The Democratic president promised “smarter” rather than bigger government for “the many, and not just the

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Watchdog in place for Afghanistan Reconstruction Projects

US Senator, Jeanne Shaheen for New Hampshire and Jim Risch for Idaho, have introduced the Afghan Contractor Accountability Act, requiring federal agencies to notify Congress and publicly justify their failure to comply with recommendations of the Special Inspector General for

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