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Afghani Value Falls Against Dollar As US Slashes $1bn in Aid

Afghani currency takes a dip against US dollar following the US government’s decision to slash $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan. The announcement was made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on his unannounced trip to Kabul, where he

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Where are US dollars going to in Afghanistan?

According to findings by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), as many as 43 companies based in Afghanistan are linked to terrorist networks. A notable example given in the report is a road construction company partly owned by

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Afghanistan’s central bank sells US dollars to Afghan money exchangers

Afghanistan’s Central Bank, Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), sold USD 27,500,000 to Afghan money exchangers on 09 March 2013, reported Sarai Shahzada. The dollar was sold at a rate of between 53.80 and 53.83. Sarai Shahzada is Afghanistan’s largest and historical

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Forged money flooding Kabul markets

A number of residents and moneyexchangers have expressed their concerns about the rising circulation of counterfeit money in the market. Many moneyexchangers have given up their business as a result of increase in the printing of forged 500 and 1000

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Reasons for the rising dollar in Afghanistan

The exit of international forces from Afghanistan and the tightening of sanctions against Iran from the West are the main reasons for the rising price of American dollar in Afghanistan. In addition, Kabul Money Exchange Union considers the lack of

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