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A Gigantic Sigh of Relief as Tax Uncertainty Ends

By Catherine Rampell- the New York Times Even though Congress’s last-minute deal means higher taxes for almost all Americans, businesses and consumers are relieved that some of the uncertainty about what they will owe the government this year is gone.

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Global Recovery Under Threat, says OECD

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), decisive policy action is needed to ensure the world is not “plunged back into recession.” The OECD, which represents the world’s richest nations, also lowered its growth forecasts. The group’s

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Sluggish global economy hurting emerging economies-warns IMF’s Christine Lagarde

The global economic crisis has started to hurt growth in emerging economies warned the International Monetary Fund (IMF) head, Christine Lagarde. There has been a widespread uncertainty in Europe, America, and other places around the globe, hampering decision makers from

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IMF warns of instability in the global financial system

In its latest Global Financial Stability Report, published every six months, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the global financial risks have increased in the past six months despite the measures taken by the policymakers to make the financial system

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IMF cuts global growth forecast

Amid continuing economic tensions in the Eurozone and disappointing growth rate of the US economy, IMF looks likely to cut its forecast for global growth. IMF head Christine Lagarde, speaking in Washington, said on Monday: “We continue to project a

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