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The US Labor Market Thundered in June

Although economists had forecast 160,000 jobs, 224,000 jobs were created in the USA in June. This eradicated the idea that America’s economy was heading for a recession. The business sector added 51,000 jobs to the economy, with healthcare, transportation, and

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US unemployment hits 4-year low

US unemployment rate in November was down to a four-year low of 7.7%, after the US added 146,000 jobs. The figure was well above most analysts’ expectations. “Our analysis leads us to conclude that Hurricane Sandy did not substantively impact

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US economy add 171,000 new jobs

The US economy added 171,000 new jobs in October; however, unemployment rate still rose to 7.9% from 7.8% in September. There are more workers now who have resumed looking for jobs; hence, causing the unemployment rate to jump back up.

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US economy creates job less than expected

The US economy creates 96,000 jobs, lower than 41,000 figure expected in July. The employment increased in food services and drinking places, professional and technical services and healthcare during August. Unemployment rate dropped to 8.1% compared with 8.3% in July,

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US economy Added Jobs Fewer than Expected in March

The US economy added 120,000 jobs during March, lower than estimates suggested, while the unemployment rate fell slightly to 8.2%. Analysts had predicted a fourth straight month with job growth of more than 200,000. President Barack Obama’s electoral prospects are

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